Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Restraining more animals, lol!

So Ashlie is in her 4H Vet Science and there was another chapter of learning to restrain exotic or small animals. You think this counts....
Yeah, isn't that lovely.
We still have to find some horses and cattle to restrain. Hahahahaha! That is going to be funny.

We went today on a field trip w/ our homeschool group. We did learn an interesting thing about mice.It is healthy for them to have YELLOW TEETH... EWWWW.

Sorry, I could not touch this!

Aleq loved it here, I think he could sit in front of the snake, spider, and frog tanks all day.
He discovered he wants a corn snake....

It was a good day today, Aleq has his therapy with the animals. I let him sleep until 11. He is still having a hard time sleeping AGAIN. He did good on the field trip except with one of our friends. He does understand he can't push Aleq or talk to him where Aleq thinks he is being mean because then Aleq is ready to fight because his feelings are hurt. It was good though.
Ashlie on the other hand had a great day. She woke up bright and early to help with the dogs. We did school time early, done by 10 am. It was GREAT.... Now if can stay on that track.
I will let Aleq sleep in because it was great one on one time.
So we shall see how it goes tomorrow. 

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