Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our choices for the year...

You should have seen the look on my son's face when I was taking curriculum out of my friends car. I had just came back from another wonderful year at the THSC Convention. There was a a huge box of Biology resources that he was carrying for me. I could see his eyes getting bigger when he read the ingredients of the box and hear his breathing come to a semi-hyperventilating mode...... "Mom, is this mine?"

Assuring him it was his sisters, you could see the burden rise off of him. I have learned you can do that to someone with SPD. No surprises that big. I would have had to sneak the box in and carefully bring out one small book at a time. Thankfully, it was Ashlie's first year of Biology, not his.

So, now I have all I need and what it will be. Some moms include their children/child in the process of what they use, some do not. I saw children with their parents at the convention helping with the decision making. I never did just because I knew what would work for them  and thought that would be more of my decision. Now that Ashlie is in high school, I want her to take on that responsibility of the decision making. I gave her several choices for her History/English and she chose which she would prefer. I feel that is a responsibility she needs to take on now. I asked her several questions on things she would prefer. At a younger pre-k, elementary, even junior high age I chose the resources. The only thing I was lenient in was the electives. What do you do? Do you chose or let them help decide?

So here is our list of what we will use after careful consideration.

Ashlie's list (9th grade)

  • Notgrass History- Exploring World History, it will give her 3 credits and that is what sold her on the idea. She will be able to earn her World History, English, and Bible.
  • Algebra- Teaching Textbooks, she does not use the cd's for some reason. Most of her school years was MUS, then last year we used the TT Pre Algebra and she liked it as well. I learned from research that TT was better in preparing you for college then MUS.
  • Teen Coder Gaming and Teen Coder Java , she has already taken the Teen Coder Windows and really enjoyed it.
  • Paradigm Biology, this is a great resource and have so many different subjects for high school. I have a feeling we will be using much more through the years. I personally know the creator of Paradigm and they are a genuine group with the focus of helping children.
  • Bowling for her might be her credit for P.E.
Aleq's list (5th grade)

  • Story of the World, I love this resource. It seems it could be very multi-sensory and straight to the fact.
  • All About Spelling, he went through the first 3 levels last year. He was at a Kindergarten level and moved through very easily. Aleq could just not process it through other resources we used. This worked and was amazing to watch him finally get the phonics while aiding his reading level.
  • All Things Fun & Fascinating EIW, now that he is more comfortable with spelling he can start more in writing. I have had a few friends use this and it not overwhelming for those with sensory issues.
  • MUS Advanced Math, these are the older versions. Math is is his stronger subject, this level is considered 7th-8th grade. 
  • Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, which he will enjoy. These are easy for him and like the Story of the World it goes straight to the fact with an activity.
From the 10+ years I have been homeschooling, I have learned to not change if it is not damaged. If it is working, don't change it. There is so much and I know it can become overwhelming with all the new good-smelling resources but stay with what you have if it is working. Change when you start to see you child/children becomes bored, you are not getting anywhere after a month. Sometimes it may take a week to click so make sure you actually try before you change. Also, to know the learning style of your child. 
We will be involved with 4H this year, we took last year off. Still have our field trips and whatever else we can get into. Last year was Aleq's year , when you SPD can see, feel, and hear your enthusiasm that he/she is progressing you will get farther. He can tell he is doing better that in return has raised his confidence.

I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that Ashlie is entering officially into 9th grade. I AM NOT READY FOR THAT! I know she will do fine. This past school year was a trial. I gave her her plan each week and told her I didn't care how she did it but all needed to be completed by Sat. of each week. She did great!

So now the next two weeks, I will be plugging the resources in my planner. I am ready and I  know it will be a great year no matter what. Are you ready?

Oh one more thing....do not attempt homeschooling on your own. It is so important to have a support group. You need a supportive group of mommas and husband. If you can't have the supportive husband then make sure you have the mommas. You should never feel this way.
 . When you send your kids to their homeschool friend's home

It should be like this, jk....Homeschool support group
Find your homeschool moms and make sure you find good ones. Sometimes it takes a while but you will find them. No judgement but just ones that will listen as you will do the same. If you have a hard time finding a support group, start one. Just don't go through the journey alone.....have a blessed one.

Peace, love, happiness

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  1. Thanks for the kind remarks about Paradigm staff. You encouraged us to keep on keeping on.God bless you for caring about people who serve people. Ronald E. Johnson, President of Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum


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