Saturday, September 4, 2010

Check out this awesome contest...

I love history, we love history...

You can not explore history without maps...So check out how awesome Download N Go is:

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Posted on August 31, 2010 by Download N Go

“One of the most beneficial learning tools that we keep on hand is a great collection of maps and globes. They decorate our hallways and basement, our closet doors and the stairwell walls. What a great dimension they have added to our children’s hands-on education! Don’t miss the opportunity to let them connect the wonders of the world with the geography of the planet.” ~Amanda Bennett

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time4Learning works great for challenging kids....

Aleq and I have tried many programs to get him to start reading with confidence.

He knows his letter sounds and identification. However, putting the sounds together to make words was not working for him.
Having SPD, some children can not process well on what to do at the moment when they are overwhelmed. When feeling overwhelmed they lack confidence.

With the Language Arts section of Time4Learning , he was able to learn how to read in 4 months which was not reading at all  to his correct level of 1st/2nd grade .

Time4Learning helps him continue to be good and excel in Math. Aleq never had trouble with Math. We use Math U See, but by using the Time4Learning it helps him believe he can do it even by watching his level advance.

There is more.....
Some of the other subjects they have such as Science and Social Studies are exciting as well. I love the fact they teach what are needs and wants. Aleq would rather do those just for fun.

I suggest trying with a special needs or challenging child because it is at their pace and a great suppliment if you already have a curriculum........

Live, Laugh and Love with your children....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sometimes it is okay for things to change.

Sometimes it is okay for things to change in life. God brings people in our paths for a reason.

After planning and organizing, thinking I was all set for the year. A big HA HA to that.

Ashlie and two other friends have decided to read Shiloh together (okay us mommas decided). We will be using the Total Language Plus program , which I really like. Ash has already completed Charlottes Web and Amos Fortune.
This will be great for her, it will be her time with other friends while learning. Muahahahahaha

I kept thinking I have our plan together. We will stay at home and do our own studies together. After 4 years plus of coordinating History, Keepers at Home, Art, and Nature Study I vowed last year I would not participate with anyone because I was tired of doing it all. I felt overwhelmed trying to coordinate and figure out what was going on with Aleq.

Now we will be including others in our studies and keep it to a few children. This will be really nice.

Aleq has been showing interest in going and visiting a friend's horse stable. His change is being a little more social. There is another little boy his age that seems to fit with Aleq real well. This really helps him with his SPD therapy. That will be included in our schedule.

Sometimes when we have our schedules the way we want them and something comes along. Do not change your plans for other opportunities because when you do it will overwhelm you. However, if it seems to fit right in then it is a good change.

Some people just go with the flow, that is awesome! I have learned to do that a little more.
What has helped me?

Is the organizing and planning I have already completed. Now that I have done that I can see and know what is going on.

The best thing to do is to be ready for change or if to see if you can accept change well is to put a big family calendar up for all to see. My kids have a calendar in their room that has the days of the activities written on them. That way they know what is going on that week or day. Even if you have a monthly calendar at your desk, it helps. You need something to see what you have planned. It helps the craziness of homeschooling, activities, and family appointments. I promise it will help you feel more at ease.

Live, Love, Laugh every day.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play Dough is AWESOME!

Who doesn't love play dough, it brings a smile to they young and old!

Part of my son's therapy is heavy work with his hands. There is a product called "Theraputty"" which is intentionally heavier for the children to work with.

However, we enjoy making play dough ourselves........

Aleq is able to focus better when he is involved in making something with his hands. Of course, the only thing he thinks about making with the play dough is animals.

We make our own playdough. Sometimes we go a step further and use this to help with his smelling issues.

The recipe that we use, I found it in our Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space book.

Ash reading the directions for us.

Recipe for Play Dough:
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 4 teaspoons of tartar
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 cups of water
  • wax paper
  • food coloring
  1. Mix flour, salt, and cream of tartar in a large pot.
  2. Add oil and water. Mix until smooth
  1. Over medium heat, stir constantly until the mixture leaves the sides of the pot.
  2. Put dough on wax paper. Allow mixture to cool until you can work it with your hands.
  3. Divide the dough into smaller sections, thinking how many colors you would like to have. Remember you can mix some colors (teaching the color wheel, woohoo educational time).
  4. Add appropriate food coloring a small amount at a time, until the desired effect is achieved. I used about 3 drops first then went from there depending how dark I wanted it. You do not want to put too much because the texture will change.

  1. Store in zipper-style bags or airtight containers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well, I have organized everything and have our curriculum planned on what we will do...

Dah Daaah Dah Daaah

The fun part is putting it together. Writing out the plan... Usually I don't have to do this with much thought because I used Homeschool Tracker , which is a great program. I used it for 4 years. However, the reason I have to really think about my planner is because due to technically difficulties I can't use it. I don't know what happened but I can't use it.

Ugh, a homeschool moms worst nightmare to find out the planner you are used to and really like, will not work!

Then I think....
With God all things are possible.... REALLY!
So here I am starting over with my planning.
With anything you want to accomplish in life you must have a plan whether it is a long term or short term goal. You must have a plan!
It could be anything a job you want, getting ready for college, wanting to buy a house, starting a family, getting out of debt, or like me planning your school year.

You should determine your goal:
  • What is the first thing to do?
  • What do you need to do?
  • Set the goal and think of how to accomplish the goal.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is the time of year many homeschoolers are getting prepared for the upcoming school year.
They could be starting a new program, changing something, or just still trying to figure out what to do.

I am going thru all my stuff, 6 years of homeschooling things. Some I have never touched because I thought I would use it later or stuff that was just given to me.
Because I have two children I didn't let Ashlie write in anything thinking Aleq would use it as well. That has worked on most of the resources that I kept to use with Aleq.

At the same time of reorganizing, I am thinking of our plan this year.
thinking, thinking and thinking....

I need to make sure I include Aleq's therapy schedule that I made for us and Ashlie's 4H time.
I am not coordinating any classes again this year except for Ashlies 4H Dog Classes. She wants to do the Digital Photography, so that is still in the works.

With Aleq's challenges it will be hard to get him into anything extracurricular. He has enjoyed bowling this summer so far and will try to get him more involved with it. I might add a couple of things for him, maybe some of the books from 4H. I really like the 4H program.

As far as academically, Ashlie in her 6th grade year will use the following for sure:
For Aleq which is between 1st and 2nd still :
Of course he will be right by Ashlie's side when we are doing her Science. He has always been right there with Science and History that is why he is very advance with that as well as Math.

Handwriting for Tears was part of Aleq's curriculum, however, it seemed very overwhelming to him for some reason. He does have good handwriting though.
According to last year at the THSC Conference I learned "if they know how to do it, move on". So I will let it be for his writing...

Now for the SPD child:

For Aleq's therapy, we have to complete it throughout the day to help him. I have discovered if we do it all at once, it does not become effective.
I went thru the The Out of Sync Child Has Fun and organized 5 schedules that I will alternate. I have not done this in the past.
The brushing techinique and joint compression of course we will do at least every two hours or when he seems to be getting overwhelmed. These techniques are amazing and really calms him down. Sometimes he will try to resist it but once we get started he is in total relaxation.

So here are his schedules:

Schedule 1
  • theraputty or make playdough, it helps with heavy work
  • wheelbarrow helps with muscle tone
  • superman helps with coordination of his gravity insecurities
Schedule 2
  • make pretzel people helps with heavy work
  • row boat is for muscle tone and coordination
  • wall push helps with muscle tone
Schedule 3
  • mummy wrap good for joint compression
  • balance board is for coordination
  • hokey pokey ring coordination
Schedule 4
  • ball roll for joint compression (he looves this)
  • swing & kick the bottle for gravitational insecurities
  • bottle push for muscle tone
Schedule 5
  • balance ball for coordination
  • swing fast then slow for gravitational insecurities
  • cat back raise alternating hands for coordination and gravitational insecurities
We still need to work on his food issues... Maybe with this schedule it will work into the plan somehow.

I use the Homeschool tracker, the basic version to help me get it all together. I have used this for about 4 years and it is my favorite.

So, I think I have it figured out.. I am ready to start back up. With them being off for 2 wks now, it will be tough getting back into routine but I know they can do it. We still use our Accountable Kids , which I have let them have free days these past two weeks as well. Wow, am I going to be a mean mommie for a while perhaps.

It is fun to take time off and be refreshed, you need that. We usually take December off and some time in spring. However, this year was a little different because of Aleq. I know we will make it though....

Love, Live and Laugh every day....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunshine Award very appreciated....

While checking my blog this morning, I found a delightful comment.

Someone acknowledging that I am trying to help others, that is my goal! Knowing there were issues with my son and trying to stay focused on homeschooling both of my children is a great challenge everyday.

As a mom you get buried easily in feeling overwhelmed, guilt, anger, and confusion. My goal is to let you know that it is normal to have good and bad days. It is normal to feel this way, and it is okay to have to take two steps back. For other to realize they are not alone.

Here is the information from another great women who blogs about the Sunshine Award:
Hearts for the Sunshine Award -- an honor given to those who inspire creativity and positivity in others through blogging.
Living & Loving & Laughing with SPD says it all with its name. It's a newer, very real blog written by a faith-filled, homeschooling, SPD mom.
Thank you Martianne for this honor and your kind words! I feel truly blessed to know I am helping others somehow in their everyday challenges.

So here are the rules for accepting this the rules for accepting this award are:
  • Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
  • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Now with that in mind here is my list of 12 bloggers:
  • One Day at A Time, a homeschool mom doing just what her titles states. Great blogs of her adventures with her children and shares how she does it. She is a great inspiration.
  • Accountable Kids  is awesome blog with the program they provide and encouragement for others. Their program and support have helped me with our children learning to be accountable.
  • Coplings Hobbit Hole who is a homeschool mom like myself and her adventures thru the journey of  a mom, wife and teacher. Jennifer offers encouragement and ideas to help others thru the adventures of the homeschool world.
  • Grace Tells Another Story is a faithfilled journey of a women who really appreciates her family and loves to help others.
  • Homeschool Group Leader is a valuable resource to homeschool group leaders. With your encouragement, it has helped other leaders so much to stay focused. You help in all areas of support to be a homeschool group leader. 
  • imetochoi is a great blog from a great homeschool father that is a minister and supports everyone thru their journey with Christian values. Very upfront about you need to act like a Christian.
  • Mom Go Green is a great blog about having a safe enviroment for your family, loving and taking care of what we have on the earth.
  • A Spirited Mind all about the adventures of a Christian mom and her family. She helps you stay focused on what is important.
  • Jane4Girls $800 Annual Budget is AWESOME... she works so hard to save you money. So full of encouragement that anyone can do it.
  • Year of Slow Cooking a very important resource as a homeschool or working out home mom. Great recipes that are very healthy.
  • Be Thou A Knight has great ideas and she is a very creative person who seems to motivate you.
  • The Thrifty Home is all about helping you stay in style and update without spending money. Very refreshing to see her ideas and suggestions.

All of you have helped me in journey as a mom, friend, wife, and homeschooler... Thank you and I wish you the best in your journey and goal.

Live, Laugh and Love always......

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good days...

We all have good days, with a SPD child, it makes you feel like the best mom in the world... Days where we wonder what was the special ingredient to make that day good.

Yesterday was a good day for us all. Aleq had no events where he lost his temper.
Ashlie joined in to have fun with us.

It was a perfect day for Aleq to go out and explore which helps him so much. The yard is his green playground. There was enough water in the ditch for him to find what amazes him.

Ten crawfish is his new record.

That was his special ingedient, he was able to go outside without melting from the sun to find his calmness.
Nature relaxes him, always has.

Popi was out there with him getting his treasures. Ashlie was having alone time. I was even able to sit outside and read sme more of The Challenging Child.
It amazes me that this book was published in 1996, Aleq was born in 2003. It states in the beginning that you can tell when babies are uncomfortable something is wrong. Why did Pediatricians not take this serious. To this day SPD is still not recognized. In the book they do not bring up SPD but talk about how senses that are not processing can really throw a child off.

After eating at our favorite Chinese place (he even ate good), bowling is what was on our agenda. The kids were so excited. Bowling is about the only activity Aleq can do and feel good about himself.
Ash and Aleq did awesome.

Aleq feels good when everyone is involved, not everyone understands that. He worries or it upsets him if everyone is not included. I know this is because he is extra sensitive to others. I think it helped him process and have fun because everyone was involved in bowling. If someone is over having "hang out" time, if everyone is not playing even though it may not be a time for Ash to be involved, the situation upsets him, he can not process the other way very well.

Simple things to consider that you know help your child process and be calm,can involve everyone. In return have a good day. Finding out what it is can take some time. Could nature, cars, drawing, or building calm your SPD child? Use that to help the whole family get involved and enjoy each other. You could have a great day as well. Will everyday be that way, nope, but that one great day makes up for a lot.

Full of hugs and love...cheering everyone! Ash was not sure about the hugs...

Live, Laugh and Love...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes there needs to be a breakdown...

I think today my daughter finally broke down about how difficult it is living with Aleq, losing some of her friends because of Aleq, and losing friends because not staying in touch. As she is getting older she needs that support of a good friendship.

It hurts to see her upset and full of anger because she didn't think she could talk to me. You hear it and remember as a child saying the same thing "you don't understand". So we went thru the list of why she doesn't think I understand. Come to find out she learned that I understood everything.

As a parent you feel bad because it is a lot of responsibility to take on as a child with their challenging sibling. Learning constantly on how to treat the SPD child.
No matter how much I told her that she is special  because God knew she could handle it, it didn't help.

So, I used Plan B (from my previous post) with her. I talked to her to find out what was really bothering her. What can we do to make things better....
As a sibling of a child with challenges you need to take that time to really talk about what you are feeling.
Ashlie opened up and told me she feels no one likes her because of Aleq. My response was that is not true. Others have a hard time understanding Aleq just like her at times. Real friends will be there for us and we are still looking for those types of friends. We have one family that really accepts us that I know of and I reminded her of that.

She wants friends.....friends that are girls and alone time with them. I totally understand. This is normal but I think it is more important when you have a child with challenges and one without. Ashlie needs to have "hang out time" and spend time with friends and in return it will give me one on one with Aleq.

We had two "hang out" events this week and I told her I was working my best to plan more "hang out" time for her and for Aleq.

I know in the future this will be very beneficial, there is some reason she is experiencing this. God knows she is a good sister and will learn just like myself on to handle Aleq.

I pray everyday that it will become easier for us. It has only been about a 4 months since we have started learning how to work with Aleq. I think she does well most of the time. It is hard on all of us and I reminded her that she is not alone, we are all in this together.
They do have a lot of good moments...

He found her hiding. LOL

Live, Laugh and Love every day!

The Challenging Child....

The book on my reading table now is The Challenging Child by Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D. and is has been really uplifting so far.

I have read The Explosive Child , which is very informative and helps you understand ways to talk to your children without having a meltdown regardless of there disability or just if they are an explosive child. There are reasons your child may get angry easy or frusterated.   The first step is finding that reason, ours is because of SPD.  Some may become explosive on a temporary term because of an event. Ours will be permenant term until he can learn to cope and make decisions. Before you address them not to become "explosive" it is good to find the root of it. I totally recommend this book to anyone that has a child that is frusterated easily.
We learned there are three ways to address anger. Plan A which is no alternatives, Plan B which is working thru it and letting the child help make the better situation, and Plan C which is both.
The better result is B...I have been doing this with Aleq and it really works. In the past it was Plan A and that is what created meltdowns.
Now, if I could get our friends that have stuck around to support us to understand this and communicate it with their children to use this form, it would be AWESOME. Lots of luck on that though.

I have read the Out Of Sync Child and The Out of Sync Child Has Fun. These were great and very knowledgable. However, these I had to read first so I could understand why he is  having a challenging life.
There are so many books I would love to read and need to read. Each one has something the others do not.  Thank goodness for these books. That is why I need to take a bookstore hostage, lol, the books cost money.
To this day, I could kick myself because he had all the signs from when he was born. However, at that time not too many knew about SPD or misdiagnosed. That is why my purpose for this is blog is communicate to others on  how common it is and what to do. It could be severe or very mild. You can do it! If you have any doubts always research.

So far I have learned that Aleq is a "sensory seeker", issues w/ some clothing, and has issues with food. We are working thru those because it means he can't get enough. Some children are opposite to where lights are too bright, touching them may hurt them, noises are too loud, things must be in a certain place and/or they can not be around too many people. Aleq has some of these for instance, he can not be around a crowd or he does not like any change.

As we were working thru different issues I noticed he didn't have the meltdowns as before but he would get frusterated almost to the point of very angry when he could not make a decision. It was different to where no more crying, screaming, hitting and running away as before. However, getting angry then hitting and pushing towards others. After talking with his OT, who has graciously said she is always there for us knowing I do therapy on my own with him, we need to address how to work thru those situations.

As I always tell myself and try to emphasize to others , this is not a quick fix. This is a slow process and will take much repitition and time.
So now I am reading books to help us get thru the journey of working thru problems and not getting angry towards others because they get scared of a bug or don't like animals.

Here is an insert that I really loved to here form The Challenging Child:
Being optimistic, that parents do not have to simply "live with it" or adjust to their child's temperament, but that by creating new parenting pattersn based on the child's characteristics, they can help the child overcome behavior problems and develop his or her emotional and intellectual capacities to the fullest.
I love this statement. You know I homeschool and I am really good with kids usually. My daughter I didn't have any issues until she turned 10 1/2 but that is more of growing up, lol. My parenting skills which I think are good, did not work with Aleq because he could not process situations. So no matter how good of a parent you are do not feel like it it is your fault or you are doing things bad. It is just adjusting your parenting pattern to help your child to where they can process things.

Here is another insert from the book , I like the way he describes these types of children:
Parents can make a dramatic difference in how children use their wonderfully different natural abilities. Children vary considerably in the way they use their senses and bodies and the ways they respond to the world. For each unique pattern, however, parents can create experiences that promote flexibility.
Imagine driving a car that isn't working well. When you step on the gas, the car sometimes lurches forward and sometimes doesn't respond. When you blow the horn, it sounds blaring. The brakes sometimes slow the car, but not always. The blinkers only work occasionally, the steering is erratic, and the speedometer is inaccurate. You are engaged in a constant struggle to keep the car on the road and it is difficult to concentrate on anything else.  needless to say, you would probably be irritable!
This is Aleq along with any other SPD child and it is put well . This is how they go thru in everyday life.....Think about it... our children are not bad or full of hate... They are trying to manage their way thru life trying to keep it together according to everyone else. Please, if you know children like this, the worst you can do is ignore them. They need that support not just from their mom, dad, sister or other relatives. They need to know they are loved and accepted.....

Love, Laugh and Live everyday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The weather brings emotions...

It is HOT!
It is really HOT, not warm but hot! We are having a hard time keeping the house cool  enough where we won't have a 300.00 electric bill.

The first thing that happens when you are uncomfortable is you get irritated, frusterated, and rude. We all do, you have to admit it.
Is it right? No, but it happens. Everyone ends up grumpy taking things out on each other and being sarcastic, then at the end of the day, you realize why the mood was that way.

Can you imagine how much harder it is on an SPD child? Just not being the right temperature can cause a meltdown.  The summer this year is really hot and we are having to find extra ways to stay cool and occupied because Aleq is an outside boy.

The key word it PATIENCE. Hmmm, it seems you need patience for everything. Do you think it helps if you are irritated because it is hot and your child is irritated then all it takes is the wrong tone of voice to set them off.

Patience  is quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence: to work with patience.
So if we are trying to teach our children to be patient and learn how to cope with things, do you think we as parents should do the same. I almost became impatient a couple of times today and had to step back to regain my thoughts.
We must do what we teach! So no matter how uncomfortable we are we must practice patience. Especially if you have an SPD child or actually any child.

My sensory seeker watches what I do when I have patience and I have seen him practice it. That is a good thing, yeah! So I know it works to be that role model of patience.

So whether it is the HOT weather or you are in a rush. Perhaps something didn't go as planned.
Don't lose your patience remember you have a SPD child that is watching you. Aleq does not like the temperature to be uncomfortable , to be rushed, or things to change.

SPD children feel it 10 times more then we do so you can imagine how they feel. Being impatient will only add fuel to an upcoming meltdown .
The most important thing is,  there is no reason for being impatient, God will handle it. Nothing is worth for us to become impatient about and that is the key to teach our children. Enjoy life and the change of plans might be better. My saying to Aleq is  "it will be okay" and "it will work out".
Remind me of this if you see me start to become impatient. lol

We had two "hang out" days this week, it has been a long time because I had been working with Aleq.  There were no meltdowns but a couple of events that he could have made better choices. The heat comtributed to one and I had to help him decide that when he is overheated instead of getting angry to come and sit down to cool off. The other event was to walk away if someone does something he does not like. It is a long journey but as long as we have friends that are there for us with patience and help us by still accepting us we will make it.

Have a great weekend and have faith that God is there for you to remain patient.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They kept acting CRAZY!

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Today was great. It was the first time in a long time that my daughter had a playdate.
Not just any playdate but with a girl that was like her.

I will explain, my daughter is not a "girly girl", at one time she was but she is Tomboy. Ashlie is a dedicated Pokemon and Bakugan fan. She loves animals as well.

It has been so hard to find someone who clicked with her. Someone that gets excited to see or talk to.

It was a joy to see her smile and have fun the way she did. Things were to the point of her hibernating in her room  and not wanting to do anything anymore. I know we have all had children do that at some point.

It was good for her to have her own "hang out" time and it not be an Aleq time.

It is hard when you have one child that is challenging and one not. Remember, it is extrememly important to let each one have their own play days.
I know it is easy to just focus on the SPD child. However, it is a must to let your non-challenging child have their own time with their friends. It helps everyone feel refreshed.
Watching the other child play with their friends will also help the SPD child learn how to play.

We are at the point where one on one play is needed. That is where you need to start before you have a crowd. It is a slow process but if you take your time, playing correctly will fall into place.

Oh the CRAZY part was watching the Ashlie and Brianna go CRAZY from having fun!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't give up!

Do you ever have so much going on that you are so overwhelmed that you want to crawl in bed?

It happens and it happens a lot to everyone.

It is harder when you have another thing loaded on your list, like an SPD child. Sometimes you wonder why this would happen!

Sometimes you think you can't do it all! The OT or going to a dr. is easier, it isn't though.

For those out there that have a hard time and daily challenges, it is going to be okay. I promise it will all work out.

Sometimes you have to alienate yourself from everyone and work on the challenges between your immediate family. Then one at a time let others in slowly.
It is hard because you start to feel alone and as if you have no one. I feel like I have no one except my husband at times. Sometimes it is hard to have friends or accept others in your life because they don't understand the situation with your child. They judge or feel your child is a threat. It makes you want to run around with hand outs on SPD.

If you have other children it can even be harder. I know my daughter goes thru a lot because some of the so called friends she has had are not comfortable around her brother because they don't understand.
If you think about it, it is not their fault as a child to understand what SPD is. However, if the parents really want to help and be there then they will help their children understand.

You can make it...That is why I have not had a post in a while. I have been working with Aleq on my own still without going to an OT that wanted to see him only once a week.

Your tools thru the process are your patience, faith, and resources thru books internet.
With these listed you can help your SPD child. He is doing so much better. We are even working on his aggression that he gets when he cannot process what to do.

The bad thing is for some reason my child seems to be the bad one when he melts down because others do not understand and when other children are picking on him. I has happened and it hurts when others make comments that it is my child that is the bad one. Those people should never judge unless you step out of the box and see your children as well. I see so many children with problems like my sons and children that are worse then mine, the parents think it is normal.

So what do you do, you move on to others that will take time to want to help and be there for you. It takes time, I still have not found anyone. God has plans and dont' give up.
You have to take care of home first before you can venture around others.

So when you discover your child has SPD challenges there are important steps to take first:
1. Have them diagnosed to see which SPD issues he or she has..
2. Check out Out of Sync Child first then Out of Sync Child has Fun
3. If there is any agression or frustration w/ the SPD I totally recommend The Explosive Child
4. Have faith and you can do therapy with him at home...
5. Once you are comfortable with the challenges then you can venture to mingle w/ other family members...
6. Realize that some family members may not agree with you, then you put a smile on your face and say "Sorry, that you don't understand".
7. Once you go around friends, if they don't understand or negative then refer to #6.
8. Keep your patience, loosing patience is the bomb that will explode.
9. Don't worry about anyone except your immediate family.                                       10  . Make sure if you have siblings to get them active with others that understand as well.
It can work..... I will talk more about how to difuse a situation this week.

Remember that God will not give you more then you can handle. No matter what an OT says, your child needs help everyday not just once a week. You will have good days and bad days always... Sometimes you will seem like you have to start from the beginning. This is a journey, a long one....I hope everyone that goes thru this will find support. You need a special someone to talk to or vent to.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God's Plan

Sometimes you don't know how things are going to work out...

This is our story of a dog named Jethro, you would never realize what God's plan is and he still isn't done.

This is Jethro

So the summer before Ike, we were looking for another dog to save. Didn't want a big one but a medium one. Our 10 year old Fox Terrier had passed away. We still had our Daschund (Dude) and Rat Terrier (Faith).
We were there and looking around and found Jethro.  He had a yellow paper on his cage that he was top dog in obedience class. The way he looked at us was just amazing. When I saw him, I didn't care how big he was, he was the one.

I felt powerful when I would take him and the other two for a walk every morning. Thinking no one would ever mess with me with this BIG dog.

(I didn't want to put up the graphic ones)
About 3 months of our awesome walks in the morning we had an accident. There was a Pit Bull attack. The Pit Bull went after him and did 800.00 worth of damage on him. Almost tore his rectum out. It was awful, I remeber the day still as if it was yesterday. Why, was this happening. I remember his face looking at me as if he was telling me he would not fight back.
My husband said I turned into the "Incredible Hulk" that day. It took about 6 people to beat the Pit Bull off of him. The own refused  responsibility.

The week before Ike, we were finally able to let him out. He was kept inside for about 1 1/2 months.

We were able to get thru that. There were tubes put in to help with drainage b/c he had fluid building up in his body. I had to press on that along with cleaning and feeding him by hand. Thank God, but I didn't see the plan yet.

He was great when evacuated for Ike. Layed in the back seat with Aleq the whole 2 hour ride. I noticed then that Aleq and him had a good bond. Aleq always seemed calm around him.

I kept thinking in the back of my head, Jethro would make an awesome therapy dog. All he does is want to please you, wants you to pet him, wants hugs. Some ill child or elderly person would feel so good just to have someone who wants their love and does not care about how they feel or look. Children who have a hard time socially would love to sit and have a book read while petting him. He just naturally calms you.

Now, you know Aleq has SPD. It never occured to me that the reason this dog has come into our lives was to help with Aleq as well. Never until last week.
Here I am thinking of places to bring him to help others and he has been helping our son in front of our eyes.
God had a plan, the plan for Jethro to help Aleq with his Sensory Processing Disorder. For the past year I could not figure out why I could not find someone to train him so we could take him places.
I did about 2 weeks ago. But God wanted me to see that Jethro is already doing his job.

I called the pet adoption place yesterday to tell them how good Jethro was doing. How amazing he is with Aleq and others. They were not surprised, they knew he would be great.
This is only the beginnin for him.......
Thank you God for allowing us to see some of your plan.

Focus on the Family

Last week my husband and I celebrated 15 yrs of marriage. I can't believe it.
He is really awesome! Yes, like others we have had our ups and downs but WE ARE MAKING IT!
We were best friends in high school, stayed friends for a while and then realized we were made for each other.

Some say we are like an old 50's couple. I cook, clean, take care of the house, school, etc... He goes to work. We do the yard work together. We spend time with our children. No going out on the town , just focusing on the family.

Wow, do you know a lot of family that "focus on the family"?

I don't, I know just a few. Most families will acknowledge their family but truly do not put themselves in family. A lot of them are thinking who can they drop there children off to so they can go out and have "their time".

Why are there so many divorces, why are there so many unhappy people, why are people always looking for other people to be happy......

The majority of this world has forgotten what priorities are...... It takes work and determination but it can be done.

We didn't go and celebrate along because we are celebrating 15 yrs of creating a family, that includes our children.

We did a couple of things last week together. Went to an amusement area and my husband kept telling me, "I am not riding rides". He did it for the kids.

I am very proud of our family, we are content.  I would not change anything. ;)

Happy Anniversary...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family and Nature

We took another nature walk the other day. It was in the infamous field my husband played in when he was a young lad.

The kids love nature walks. We even brought Jethro and Blue with us.

Aleq was in excitement because he was able to catch some minnows....He thought they looked so cool.

Ashlie had the camcorder and was doing her own documentary.
It was a great family day.
Wildflowers everywhere!

Being outside just strengthens the bond.

Here is the small creek they were catching the minnows out of.

Papi helping Aleq catch them, I think they had 8 all together.

Jethro enjoyed it sooo much! He felt a little wild himself, lol. I finally have a group that will train him to become a therapy dog.

Just shouts SPRING!
There were some horses there but they kept moving when I would take the picture.

So after being out there for 3 hours and Aleq was tired of playing in his green playground. Ashlie was tired of holding the camcorder. I spotted this huge squirrel. It was the size of a huge tomcat.
He would not move, I thought he was sleeping but I suppose with the two big dogs with us he was pretending we didn't see him.

It was a good day. The kids always love these days.

There is improvement!

I finally talked to the therapist, one on one the other day. I told her everything we had been going through at home. Aleq is sleeping, more calm, doing therapy at home, and better attitude. Now we may have a moment that sets us back but only for a moment. Eating is still an issue though.

My husband even agreed that he sees improvement. YES!

So when you have faith and know that you CAN do it! It is possible. Remember, that with God all things are possible

As of now, I can honestly report he is showing improvement. We have had to change our schedule around a lot and realize it is okay if we don't get to it today.

I feel so much better now, a month ago I was really depressed about what we were going to do. I prayed and it all worked out.

I have a friend with a son who has SPD and other issues because half of his brain did not developement. You know the doctors told her he would never walk. She worked with him and through resources she provided for him at home he was able to walk. He is so smart, just can't communicate well with others.

The same with Helen Keller, we just finished studying about her. Through all the doctors her parents went thur they never gave up. The one doctor that did help her had been blind herself. Amazing!

When you have an issue don't stop, really research it and pray about it, share with others.

Now everyday Aleq works with us thru different therapy aids. We change it up and we work thru it. His schooling has been better. In the morning he plays in his green playground.

 We do school then right back outside. That is his space. He helps me a lot and I encourage more help from him because it helps him so much. He has learned about opening doors for others, doing  yard work in detail like cutting the grass, carring toys in his backpack which helps me feel the pressure.

I was explaining to the other moms at park day. Sometimes when you see kids running around bumping into people, you think it is for attention, right?

It is not the case all the time. SPD kids like it because it feels good to them, the pressure against their bodies. Since therapy with Aleq he does not do this anymore.
Ahhh, I can breathe a little now... lol

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Someone told me it was full moon...

Do you have those days where you are always trying to find the best in it.... Maaaayyybee you should have just stayed home?

We had it today, that is for sure.

I thought it was going to be another good day, ha to me.

Woke up early.  Went over some school paperwork. Listening to the birds outside cheering me on.

Had a plan, didn't work out at all.

Ashlie is 10 acting like a 14 yr old. The attitude and the looks she gives just could drive you crazy. She knows better. Ashlie, why.........

I was just like her and that is what makes it even worse. But you know my life was different then hers and I really had reasons, she doesn't.

We study the Lord's way and talk about treating others the way she wants to be treated.

She is growing up.
Can't our kids stay kids for a bit longer. I am not ready for her to grow up.

Who is with me to keep them young...... Sometimes you do things for them and they don't act grateful, I remember I was always grateful.

Just wait it is going to get worse when we get that Accountable Kids, ha, can't wait. It is easy for her now, not anymore..... I am going to be known as a mean mother for a while. Muahahahahahaaa....

I love her though, would not change things at all. Just accepting the challenges from her, it is almost fun. LOL

Friday, March 26, 2010

Where are the batteries....

You would think my son has rechargeable batteries. He goes on and on.....

He woke up at 9 then went outside to play, came in at noon to eat, then went outside until 1:45. We went to park day at 2-5pm. Then we went to Sams, on the way home which was around 6:30, he ask what else can we do. Do you think he will be tired yet? No, he is outside playing in the dark. When he comes in, he will still be on the go. AMAZING.... I wish I could do that.

Today was awesome. We are taking little steps. You know when you have a challenge, little steps are extremely important.
It has been  a week since his last meltdown. YEAH!!!! At park day there was not fighting, he had one issue that happened but it was worked out immediatly. My son played with other and played. I have never seen him do that before.

So what does that mean, progress, I must say. It was a good baby step. That means the therapy we have been doing is paying off so far. I know there will be days where we might take two steps back, but I know what we need to do. It has been great.
Even the other moms were impressed.

Very good feeling to know some sort of accomplishment is happening.
So remember when you have a challenge, you need to count everything that is positive even if it is a little step. ;) Everything counts....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is it Confidence or Faith?

I think all the things we would not be doing if I didn't have confidence in myself.
We would not be homeschooling, I would be working outside of my home, would  be treating Aleq for ADHD, would not be livning in our house.... I could go and.

Can you think of the things you would not be doing if you didn't have confidence?
Or is it really faith?

I think it is faith.

If I did not have faith in God then could I accomplish homeschooling, living on one income, help our family function, and continue therapy with Aleq at home for SPD? Nope, I don't think so.

Yesterday was a wakeup call to me that I am doing the right thing.  Do you ever have those days?

We did yard work, school work, we played and did therapy. Those days remind you that is it possible.
Everyone pitched in to do something, that is family is all about.
I did therapy with Aleq and he didn't even realize it. The rain did not stop us either. It was beautiful.

Aleq did have a couple of moments but I was able to see the trigger and stop it. I think he even caught it a couple of times.
Ashlie had a couple of her moments and we taught her a lesson... Not fun raking by yourself when everyone is sitting around. lol
Okay we laughed but she wasn't.

It felt wonderful,  I could feel God's love surrounding and embracing our home.

Was not even tired to come in and cook. It was awesome.

I know if it was not for my faith ,I would not be writing this blog. It helps me share what I go thru with Aleq to help others possibility, to give some light that it can be accomplished. Not everyday will be the best, but you can overcome it with faith.

I wish everyone a blessed day and to try to have more days of peace. Knowing it will be okay.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Restraining more animals, lol!

So Ashlie is in her 4H Vet Science and there was another chapter of learning to restrain exotic or small animals. You think this counts....
Yeah, isn't that lovely.
We still have to find some horses and cattle to restrain. Hahahahaha! That is going to be funny.

We went today on a field trip w/ our homeschool group. We did learn an interesting thing about mice.It is healthy for them to have YELLOW TEETH... EWWWW.

Sorry, I could not touch this!

Aleq loved it here, I think he could sit in front of the snake, spider, and frog tanks all day.
He discovered he wants a corn snake....

It was a good day today, Aleq has his therapy with the animals. I let him sleep until 11. He is still having a hard time sleeping AGAIN. He did good on the field trip except with one of our friends. He does understand he can't push Aleq or talk to him where Aleq thinks he is being mean because then Aleq is ready to fight because his feelings are hurt. It was good though.
Ashlie on the other hand had a great day. She woke up bright and early to help with the dogs. We did school time early, done by 10 am. It was GREAT.... Now if can stay on that track.
I will let Aleq sleep in because it was great one on one time.
So we shall see how it goes tomorrow. 

Parks are good therapy...

My husband was off the other day! It is great when he is off, we love our family time.
We include the dogs in there too, lol.

There are many things you can do to have family time that does not cost very much or nothing at all. Those are my favorite outings, nothing materialistic is needed.

So our outing was going to a park that we had not been too in awhile after our visit to the library.

The park was exciting to me because there were things we could do with Aleq for therapy and he would never know it. Hey, as a parent you have to find a way to throw things in where they don't realize what is being thrown in.
So here is Aleq and Ashlie, we had her do some of the exercises as well. Hey, it is beneficial to her as well.

Isn't that just a beautiful spring picture at the park, I thought so.

Family time is so important, going to the park there are so many things to do and get good exercise.
Everytime we come back from the park everyone in our house is so happy and calm.
It is great to go home and learn about trees, maybe some insects that you may see, dogs... There were plenty of people and their dogs there including us.
I feel so refreshed and see all the amazing things that God has made. When you are stressed, grumpy, everyone fighting about something go to the park. It is a true breath of fresh air for your body and soul.

Monday, March 22, 2010

You think they were not listening sometimes....

So we went to church yesterday.
Aleq did not want me to leave him in Sunday School, even though his bud Sam was in there with him.
Of course, he had to be next to him and he got along  with Sam really well. It was nice.

As we sat there while the program was going on he seemed like he was not paying attention, some of the teachers kept asking him to be still and to be quiet. They didn't know about his issues, that is why I stayed. Most adults think all kids are the same, that they can keep still and be quiet. NOT!
Of course when they were dancing to music he had to run around because that is him.
To me it was a success because he didn't fight w/ anyone, no one upset him. It was great.

Ashlie on the other hand always has a great time and event old me they talked about kids with ADHD. I think that was awesome because she needed to talk to other about the difficulty  and that her brother is not the only one.

That night while we were eating Aleq proceeded to tell us about the story they told in Sunday School. It was about Joseph and his mean brothers. He told it all, now if his Sunday School teachers heard him, I think they would have fell over.

So sometimes we don't think our kids are listening but they do in their own way. ;) Thank you Lord, for giving us a blessed Sunday morning.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Computers vs Playgroud, what is happening to us?

Found this great article in a Sensory Processory Disorder Magazines.

Computers vs. Playgrounds – It’s a No Brainer! .

What is sad is that the more time spent with technology and not enough play will hurt social skills. I have come across many children that just don't know how to play. I mean to sit or go outside and figure out what to do.

Technology is important but there needs to be balance, yes?

How many hours do you let your child play on the computer? How many hours do you get your child out to play in the "green playground? How many hours do you turn off TV, radio, phones to just let them play w/ toys or read books?
Not just kids, I think we all need to do this.
Try it for a week! I dare you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blessings from God

Do you ever get those days where you know it was a blessing from God. We did today!

We had a good playdate, there were compromises and plenty of understanding. Whew, I needed that more then the kids. No crying when they left, just smiles.....YES!

It was a blessing to see my kids wake up, get dressed and run outside to play in the green playground.
I love this time of year and it is hard to keep them in to do school right now. One of the flexibilities of homeschooling is when you want to take a day or two off or change the time of school.

When Aleq woke up we did the brushing. Ashlie was full of energy.
This afternoon Aleq played in the ditch and found 2 crawfish. That is his special find today.
I think I am going to order a ladybug and butterfly habitat for Easter for them.

Tomorrow is going to be very strange, it will be the first day of Spring but with 80% chance of rain and in the 40's. At least we have had a beautiful week of spring like weather.

Tonight, I must get more letters out for my transcription service. Need to get some more work coming in.

I just love these type of days.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Advocate for Sensory Processing Disorder

I found this today
Webster's Dictionary defines the word advocate as "a person who speaks or writes in support of another. To champion, support, encourage, advance, promote, recommend, approve, and endorse."
We are our children's only full time advocate. Our kids need us to learn as much about their disorders as we can. They need us to understand what they are going through, every day. They need us to feel how frightening and chaotic their world can be. Above all else, they need us to be their advocates. (form the SPD website)

When we figured out what was wrong with Aleq it was hard to tell people because they would just look at me and say "there is nothing wrong with him", "you are making excuses for him". I have heard it from friends and family.

Why are you babying him?
Here is a website , that has helped me so much.

I feel I am the only one that understands him and trying to help him. I feel I am his only advocate!
Being with him at therapy, I have seen the issues. Being with him everyday I have dealt with the issues.

How can I get people to understand that it is not a quick fix? How can you explain to other kids, they are kids themselves and do not understand the magnitude and take what he does personally. It is hard.

I work with him everyday. I have a hard time with him wanting to do things because of his self esteem. Today we did not do any therapy. I did finally finish the Out of Sync Child Has Fun , highlighted all the things we can do. Just need to get supplies and I hope it helps. I think the biggest challenge is to get him in a positive mood.

If  he doesn't feel included he feels everyone "hates" him. Therefore he lashes out. It was hard to watch because I dont' think even they understand the magnitude of how important it is to make him feel he is wanted. I need people around him that want to be around him not people that just have nothing else to do.

Tomorrow will be a great challenge, we will have park day. I pray that it will go well.

I tell myself this is a journey....we will make it because I am his advocate.

The frustration with Sensory Processing Disorder

The way I have read it is like you have a TV flipping channels real fast and you can't process the TV to stop so you can focus on one channel.

Somtimes you have to hold back the hurt because you can't take it personally. You have to realize when your child continually says "I hate myself" he really doesn't.

We have had more good days then bad since we have started therapy and it really does make a difference now to where we do have a bad day all the negative feelings come back.

It is like you have to talk and make sure he is looking at you then repeat what you said to know he is processing it.

Yesterday was awesome we all did yard work together. I  think the last time that happened was after IKE. Aleq did pretty good because we were outside in his green playground.

I pray today will be another good one.  ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family and Siblings....

Family and siblings, you can't live with them and you can't live without them!

So first I will talk about family. What do you do about family? I don't know if anyone else teaches that family is very important and that they come in next priority after God. Am I the only one?

What do you do when you teach your children that family is important and we need to take time to spend with them. Then in return family does not show the same respect?

You try to teach your children the right thing. You want your children to show that others are important. Wow, our big learning experience is for the kids to try to understand or we try to explain why others don't show the same values, when we are ourselves do not know why.

This is a hard one for us. My children get so excited when family is around and truly love them. However, the family does not do the same. Memories and time is what is important.

Friends! What do you do when one of your children has friends and the other doesn't.

My daughter is outgoing and has friends. Aleq on the other hand because he just has not found that anyone likes to spend time with him because of his disorder.
So my daughter is always asked for playdates but not Aleq.
I feel bad when he says "what about me, who can I play with?".
It is not good to punish Ashlie and not let her have play dates. But I seem to not be able to find anyone to play with Aleq. 
Ashlie is a tomboy so all her friends are boys, that doesn't help much as well. lol

Oh well another one to figure out... You want to know the right thing and sometimes the right thing isn't ever figured out. lol

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You never know when you might need it....

You never know when you might need or want to know what you have learned.....that is what I always tell the kids...........
After almost over a year we finally decided to go back to our favorite spot, Moody Gardens. We had not been there since Aleq's sixth birthday party.  Then when Ashlie broke her leg, we knew we would not be going for a long time. So yesterday morning, when we told the kids we were going, they were so excited.
It is very unusual for us to stay away from there that long. Attending at least 4 to 5 times a year is our record.
So after school work and a little therapy with Aleq we went....
(he he, that is my pic I took from the highway coming off the causeway...)

While stepping out of the car and walking around, Aleq kept saying "I am so happy, I could cry". Ashlie even had a smile instead of the tween attitude look on her face. It was awesome feeling.  A little dissappointing still while we saw the rainforest was still not restored. They will have a new exhibit coming called "Jitterbug" in April that will be where the rainforest once was. They have this to get you ready for it.... we are very excited and ready for that to come.

As we came to the aquarium we were excited they still have the Shark exhibit. Now here where our learning came into place. We found this guy wanting to play with us, he was too funny....

his name is Porter a Harbor Seal...

he was found abandoned in Maine....

I just could have sat there and played with him all day.

Well he is our object of our study today. You see this morning we had studied about Maine.  So it is awesome when you tell your children something and they know exactly what you are talking about, and can imagine it, is an accomplished feeling.

I hope when these two get olderthey will realize that all we do is for them. For them to learn and be successful in their lives. No, I am not saying so they will be rich material wise, rich in knowledge!
I love you Ash and Aleq you both help make our family a family.

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