Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God's Plan

Sometimes you don't know how things are going to work out...

This is our story of a dog named Jethro, you would never realize what God's plan is and he still isn't done.

This is Jethro

So the summer before Ike, we were looking for another dog to save. Didn't want a big one but a medium one. Our 10 year old Fox Terrier had passed away. We still had our Daschund (Dude) and Rat Terrier (Faith).
We were there and looking around and found Jethro.  He had a yellow paper on his cage that he was top dog in obedience class. The way he looked at us was just amazing. When I saw him, I didn't care how big he was, he was the one.

I felt powerful when I would take him and the other two for a walk every morning. Thinking no one would ever mess with me with this BIG dog.

(I didn't want to put up the graphic ones)
About 3 months of our awesome walks in the morning we had an accident. There was a Pit Bull attack. The Pit Bull went after him and did 800.00 worth of damage on him. Almost tore his rectum out. It was awful, I remeber the day still as if it was yesterday. Why, was this happening. I remember his face looking at me as if he was telling me he would not fight back.
My husband said I turned into the "Incredible Hulk" that day. It took about 6 people to beat the Pit Bull off of him. The own refused  responsibility.

The week before Ike, we were finally able to let him out. He was kept inside for about 1 1/2 months.

We were able to get thru that. There were tubes put in to help with drainage b/c he had fluid building up in his body. I had to press on that along with cleaning and feeding him by hand. Thank God, but I didn't see the plan yet.

He was great when evacuated for Ike. Layed in the back seat with Aleq the whole 2 hour ride. I noticed then that Aleq and him had a good bond. Aleq always seemed calm around him.

I kept thinking in the back of my head, Jethro would make an awesome therapy dog. All he does is want to please you, wants you to pet him, wants hugs. Some ill child or elderly person would feel so good just to have someone who wants their love and does not care about how they feel or look. Children who have a hard time socially would love to sit and have a book read while petting him. He just naturally calms you.

Now, you know Aleq has SPD. It never occured to me that the reason this dog has come into our lives was to help with Aleq as well. Never until last week.
Here I am thinking of places to bring him to help others and he has been helping our son in front of our eyes.
God had a plan, the plan for Jethro to help Aleq with his Sensory Processing Disorder. For the past year I could not figure out why I could not find someone to train him so we could take him places.
I did about 2 weeks ago. But God wanted me to see that Jethro is already doing his job.

I called the pet adoption place yesterday to tell them how good Jethro was doing. How amazing he is with Aleq and others. They were not surprised, they knew he would be great.
This is only the beginnin for him.......
Thank you God for allowing us to see some of your plan.

Focus on the Family

Last week my husband and I celebrated 15 yrs of marriage. I can't believe it.
He is really awesome! Yes, like others we have had our ups and downs but WE ARE MAKING IT!
We were best friends in high school, stayed friends for a while and then realized we were made for each other.

Some say we are like an old 50's couple. I cook, clean, take care of the house, school, etc... He goes to work. We do the yard work together. We spend time with our children. No going out on the town , just focusing on the family.

Wow, do you know a lot of family that "focus on the family"?

I don't, I know just a few. Most families will acknowledge their family but truly do not put themselves in family. A lot of them are thinking who can they drop there children off to so they can go out and have "their time".

Why are there so many divorces, why are there so many unhappy people, why are people always looking for other people to be happy......

The majority of this world has forgotten what priorities are...... It takes work and determination but it can be done.

We didn't go and celebrate along because we are celebrating 15 yrs of creating a family, that includes our children.

We did a couple of things last week together. Went to an amusement area and my husband kept telling me, "I am not riding rides". He did it for the kids.

I am very proud of our family, we are content.  I would not change anything. ;)

Happy Anniversary...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family and Nature

We took another nature walk the other day. It was in the infamous field my husband played in when he was a young lad.

The kids love nature walks. We even brought Jethro and Blue with us.

Aleq was in excitement because he was able to catch some minnows....He thought they looked so cool.

Ashlie had the camcorder and was doing her own documentary.
It was a great family day.
Wildflowers everywhere!

Being outside just strengthens the bond.

Here is the small creek they were catching the minnows out of.

Papi helping Aleq catch them, I think they had 8 all together.

Jethro enjoyed it sooo much! He felt a little wild himself, lol. I finally have a group that will train him to become a therapy dog.

Just shouts SPRING!
There were some horses there but they kept moving when I would take the picture.

So after being out there for 3 hours and Aleq was tired of playing in his green playground. Ashlie was tired of holding the camcorder. I spotted this huge squirrel. It was the size of a huge tomcat.
He would not move, I thought he was sleeping but I suppose with the two big dogs with us he was pretending we didn't see him.

It was a good day. The kids always love these days.

There is improvement!

I finally talked to the therapist, one on one the other day. I told her everything we had been going through at home. Aleq is sleeping, more calm, doing therapy at home, and better attitude. Now we may have a moment that sets us back but only for a moment. Eating is still an issue though.

My husband even agreed that he sees improvement. YES!

So when you have faith and know that you CAN do it! It is possible. Remember, that with God all things are possible

As of now, I can honestly report he is showing improvement. We have had to change our schedule around a lot and realize it is okay if we don't get to it today.

I feel so much better now, a month ago I was really depressed about what we were going to do. I prayed and it all worked out.

I have a friend with a son who has SPD and other issues because half of his brain did not developement. You know the doctors told her he would never walk. She worked with him and through resources she provided for him at home he was able to walk. He is so smart, just can't communicate well with others.

The same with Helen Keller, we just finished studying about her. Through all the doctors her parents went thur they never gave up. The one doctor that did help her had been blind herself. Amazing!

When you have an issue don't stop, really research it and pray about it, share with others.

Now everyday Aleq works with us thru different therapy aids. We change it up and we work thru it. His schooling has been better. In the morning he plays in his green playground.

 We do school then right back outside. That is his space. He helps me a lot and I encourage more help from him because it helps him so much. He has learned about opening doors for others, doing  yard work in detail like cutting the grass, carring toys in his backpack which helps me feel the pressure.

I was explaining to the other moms at park day. Sometimes when you see kids running around bumping into people, you think it is for attention, right?

It is not the case all the time. SPD kids like it because it feels good to them, the pressure against their bodies. Since therapy with Aleq he does not do this anymore.
Ahhh, I can breathe a little now... lol
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