Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time4Learning works great for challenging kids....

Aleq and I have tried many programs to get him to start reading with confidence.

He knows his letter sounds and identification. However, putting the sounds together to make words was not working for him.
Having SPD, some children can not process well on what to do at the moment when they are overwhelmed. When feeling overwhelmed they lack confidence.

With the Language Arts section of Time4Learning , he was able to learn how to read in 4 months which was not reading at all  to his correct level of 1st/2nd grade .

Time4Learning helps him continue to be good and excel in Math. Aleq never had trouble with Math. We use Math U See, but by using the Time4Learning it helps him believe he can do it even by watching his level advance.

There is more.....
Some of the other subjects they have such as Science and Social Studies are exciting as well. I love the fact they teach what are needs and wants. Aleq would rather do those just for fun.

I suggest trying with a special needs or challenging child because it is at their pace and a great suppliment if you already have a curriculum........

Live, Laugh and Love with your children....
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