Sunday, July 7, 2013

Already July! Are you thinking of goals already?

I can not believe it is already July. Where did the year go? Am I the only one feeling that this year has been on fast forward?

This was the first year we were able to take the kids to see 4th of July fireworks. It was great and they were amazed with no issues.

We are still schooling through the summer, it truly helps and I feel that it is amazing the FREEDOM we have to homeschool whenever we want. I am so thankful for that benefit of homeschooling!

One of the realities to our learning atmosphere is that if we stop more then 3 days in a row it really puts Aleq out of routine and the effect is not fun. He reminds me of my grandparents when I think about it. Everything needed to be at the same time everyday such as breakfast, lunch, and supper. There was not late supper or skip breakfast. ;) Maybe that is where I learned my organizational crazy skills from. You also went to bed at the same time and woke up with everyone. Everything was organized.  My husband had even thought of schooling everyday with Aleq, but we figured he needed to learn that agendas do change and to learn to change with it. Anyone else have a SPD child that really feeds off of routine?

Ashlie is going into the official 9th grade year! I can't believe it. I have all her resources figured out , I know she will do great. She is volunteering a lot as always and that really helps mold her into a great young lady. So I will be blogging a lot more about high school homeschooling. Still trying to figure a few things out, I know I will get there. I am thinking of using this great lady, who I just adore Lee Binz, The HomeScholar
My problem is part resistance, I don't want to do this and not ready for her to be there.She is in the process of trying to figure out what to pursue, I told her to think of 3 occupations. I know whatever she does I want her to love it so she will be great at it. This is our goal now, for her to think of what she wants to study to help her get where she needs to be. Her personal goal I hope for her is to think of her strengths and what she feels is her weakness so that we can help her become more confident.

Within the past two weeks, I went to a seminar and learned a lot. Very grateful to my boss (she rocks) for letting me go. I learned several things:
"Whatever my children have issues with, it is my fault" Due to having c-sections and not being able to breast feed. Already told my kids both I am sorry. :)
"It is okay if I hang them upside down for about 60 sec several times a day" It will drain the toxins out of their brain. :)
"1 in 6 kids have some sort of disability" (This is really bothers me.)
"Always create a positive environment if you need them to do school work or anything basically without problems" (I try to do this the majority of the time)
Yeah, I know each one of these could be a blog post in itself and I may even do it.

Then this week I came across a great Youtube seminar. This is an awesome woman whom I have learned so much from since the beginning. I blog because I didn't have that help and had to learn through books, research and her. I hope that those with kids that have SPD or those who have friend/family that had kids with SPD will watch.

Our goal this year for Aleq is to grow more and learning to deal with situations that may come about. He is older and becoming more mature. He is realizing now that he does not really have many friends like his sister. That is beginning to bother him. He knows he has a hard time in large groups and has a hard time finding friends that understand him. I can't be there forever or all the time. It is time to really focus on how to show him decision making and recognizing different paths to take. My husband is a great support for this.

One thing we have worked is trying to have him recognize when he is getting overwhelmed and what he needs to do. What choices he has to make? If he is having a hard time processing in the morning, can he realize it? Being more vocal with us so we can sit down to help him then him getting upset, frustrated, and angry. If he is getting overwhelmed in Math, then ask me if we can start with a different subject. I am hoping we can teach him how to deal with situations when around other kids. That not every kids likes to play rough or other kids use other actions to play around. WE will get there......
Academically, getting him to write more.

It is really important to write down or have a mental note of your goal not just in academics but when you have a special needs child. You can express these goals with them if you think it will help especially if they are elementary age. That way they know what they are doing and why.

I think about it twice a year on what we can work on next because we have to work only on 2 goals at a time, academic and personal ones.

Have you thought about goals for your kids, specific goals? What do you want them to specifically accomplish. It is easier to get there when you know what you want them to accomplish. Hmmm, makes you think?

Peace, love, and happiness to ya'll this week.

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