Monday, July 22, 2013

Fresh and ready to prepare for the year?

The past week, I have been preparing for the new school year. I feel this year for some reason is taking me longer, I don't know if it is still that Ash will be in 9th grade and I feel her life is seriously depending on me, lol or because they are both getting older.

So when I keep telling my husband each night, I am planning a little at a time. He finally asked me why is it taking me so long to plan for the week. I finally explained that I plan for the year. He only only sees a week at a time. HA!!
See this year, he actually participated in our schooling . It has been great! He schools Aleq in most of his subjects. Aleq told me the other day when I asked if he wanted me to do all of it with him that he had me for 9 years, it is his Papi's turn now.  So, I give my husband the plan weekly and he accomplishes what needs to accomplished. By the way, anyone else has a spouse that helps with the schooling?

After 10 years of homeschooling, I have scheduled many different ways our homeschool routine. It is like different styles of learning, everyone is different! There are many types of homeschool moms when it comes to planning your journey each year:
Wing it each week!
Monthly mayhem!
Yearly Yodas! (I have plan planned I do)
It could be your 1st year or your 5th year sometimes it takes time to figure out what works for you. All, I know is it was easier when they were younger. I remember being so excited when I started homeschooling Ashlie, we used Letter of the Week . It was great everything was planned you just had to get your material which was either the Dollar Tree or Library. I used it with my son as well, it was great for children with special needs. Then they just had to grow older and go through more grades.

So I started out as just a Winger Planner when they were younger, which was okay until about Kindergarten age. Then we moved to each Monthly Mayhem. When we got to about 3rd grade then planning become more efficient if it was really thought out and started being a wise Yearly Yoda. This is what helped me and may not work for everyone, that is why there are many ways to organize. All of these resources can be used weekly, monthly or yearly.

  • There is the computer generated, type it and print way to plan, Homeschool Tracker. This is great if you are the digital kind of momma. I have used it and enjoyed it.
  • If you like to write it all out and be more eclectic Donna Young is so valuable and it can be used for your home organization as well. You can pick and choose how you want your pages and what you want. Takes time to go throught to figure out what works for you.
  • Now, for those who like to be cute and organized with colors, Newbee Homeschooler is the place to go. It can be overwhelming at first but she guides you through 7 easy steps on how to personalize your own plan. It really makes sense and Tina provides many different ways to display what you need. This is my fav!
  • There are several companies as well that provide books to help you organize it all so you don't have to print, you just write it in. Here are a fewThe Ultimate Homeschool Planner, The Well Planned Day, and Homeschool Daily Planner
  • The Old Schoolhouse has one as well that is a print/edit planner, Schoolhouse Planner.
Remember that everyone has their own style, no way is the right way. The right way is the way that helps only you! It took me 4 years to figure out that planning the Yearly Yoda way helped me stay prepared and  keep routine.

I hope this helps you in some way to see all the different planners. Not only do kids learn different, we as parents/teachers plan different. When I am done, I will share how I plan the year. Getting my resources together is my top priority as our local homeschool conference comes around. Now, that I know what planning resource helps me, all I need is everything to just plan away. 

Are you ready for the next school year? How do you like to plan?

Peace, love, and happiness,

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