Sunday, December 2, 2012

I didn't leave forever!

I hope all of you are doing well! I am back after a brief break and I look forward to helping any of you through our events that have happened. So much has changed in 2012! Much progress with my children and life in general. Please, be sure to read my previous posting that may help you out.

To sum it all up this is Aleq's year for school, Ashlie is borderline highschool level, and I work from home with a great group of people. Yeah, I think that was a quick way to put it! Look how much they have grown.

Today, I sat and reflected on our, the years are just going so fast!

While grading Ashlie's math and getting her average for the first half of the semester, yes I this is my practice year for next year. She did good and has a B+. She has really stepped up to the plate and became responsible for her work. I simply now have her work written weekly on an assignment sheet that is given to her each Monday. It does not matter how she does it but it all needs to be completed by Friday. We started this to have her become more responible for her actions and work. I know she needs to learn deadlines...
I thought this time would never come upon us. During the summer I was freaking out... I know I am not the only mother that feels this way when the have a child entering highschool I? So she is finishing up up The Hobbit unit study,! She loved it! She always resists when I pick the books but then enjoys them or perhaps because the movie is coming out soon!

She has really matured and shown her own personality this year. I am so proud of who she has become and what she does. Now, the fun teen years really start with more details in learning life lessons....I don't know if I am ready for this.

Aleq, he has progressed so much! He is on his level with everything but writing. Look, after many tears, I finally realized that I have to just let him take babysteps. We will get there. His spelling is awesome, he is getting it. We used the All About Spelling,

I can't tell you enough how awesome this program it! It is for any type of learner!
So, we were using the Pathway Readers, which were excellent. However, I happened to find good ole Charlottes Web and thought why is he not reading this instead. I know he can read.  So I grabbed it and he freaked! His face was priceless. Then I told him he could do it, it ended up being a break through. So, I have learned that only YOU know your child and only YOU know when to push. This led to going to the library with friends picking up Diary of a Wimpy Kid's book...that is all it took. Please, Jeff K., do not stop writing because you are all he reads. They just came out with #7...he has read them ALL except for this one since September. I am a crybaby and cried with joy over this still

So this is how school is going so far to sum it all up. Never give up and never stop trying because you can progress.  The icing on the cake is my husband has been helping  more with Aleq's schooling. He does great with Aleq. It never hurts for our spouse to help out and you never know, they may enjoy it. LOL, he is comfortable right now at his level to teach him. He said when he gets in higher grade he will hand it back over....we shall see. Does anyone else have a spouse that helps with the teaching?

We still have days where Aleq takes two steps back but he so much farther then he was and I know it would not have happened if he was in public school. I often wonder how many children through the years have issues but people think they are just bad. I am a deep thinker on that idea.......Children are our future and I will do all I can to help them become a better person and have their qualities shine!

I will be back more and more...sorry for the bried delay, I look forward to supporting you through your journey with SPD and homeschooling even more.

It feels good to be you know what really encouraged me! I found out a therapist actually had my blog down as a resource! UNBELIEVABLE!!! So now, I will continue to be a resource and help as much as I can! We can do anything,through God!

Peace, love, and happiness....


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